Diamond Crash Course

If you are on this page you all must have already hear about the 4c's. Just in case here we go..
Carat: Weight of Diamond

Cut: The cut of the diamond determines its brilliance If it is too shallow the light will stay at the bottom of the
diamond and appears dull. If it is too deep light escapes and the diamond appears dark.

Color: The less color a diamond has the higher the color grade. The more color the lower the color grade. Colors
D-E-F: Colorless. Colors: G-H-I-J: Near Colorless. Colors:K-M and N-Z: Noticeable Color

Clarity: Diamonds have natural inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (surface flaws) that make them unique
and natural. The clarity grading of diamonds are:
F: Flawless: No internal or external flaws, extremely rare and expensive
IF: Internally Flawless: No internal flaws, but some surface flaws. Also, very rare and expensive.
VVS1-VVS2: 'Very Very Slightly Included 1-2': Inclusions and blemishes can be detected under a 10x magnification,
very difficult to view, usually found only by a trained gemologist.
VS1-VS2: 'Very Slightly Includes 1-2': Inclusions and blemishes can be detected under a 10x magnification.
SI1-SI2: 'Slightly Included 1-2': Inclusions and blemished detected under a 10x magnification or a trained eye

Other Notes:
Polish, Symmetry and Cut all affect the diamonds sparkle. Strive for an ideal or very good grading.

Gemological Institue of America (GIA): is a certification company that certifies (subjectively) to the above
information. It is most important that you view the diamond personally, video or photo or have someone
knowledgeable and trustworthy to choose one for you because a color I for someone can be a color J for another.
Likewise a clarity of VS2 for someone can be a SI2 for another.

Each diamond is unique. It has its own dimensions, cut, color, clarity, polishing, symmetry and carat weight. No two
diamonds are alike which is what makes diamonds so special. They are from the earth and made more beautiful by
man. When looking for a specific diamond it is best to take into consideration all of the above information and then
play around with it to get the best diamond for you.

The Setting:
The setting can be uniquely designed for the customer. There are many different ways to mount diamonds. Each
style is different and characteristic of the person's style. For a custom-designed ring please contact the designer,