Pink Rock
25 Carat Pink Quartz Sterling Silver

Pink Jewel
30 Carat Pink Amethyst White Gold and
Zirconia Necklace

Pinky Rock
10 Carat Pink Quartz 14K Matte Gold

$30 from each sale benefits the                
   Susan G. Komen Foundation                  
  Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Affiliate
A Diamond Heart
Silver heart with a diamond on a silver necklace.

Our children are like diamonds, unique and beautiful. They shine with love, support and
education from family, friends and
Learning Links.

Give a Little

This page serves our community. It aims at giving back by design. Chisholm Collection works with different foundations to
develop a specific piece of jewelry for the foundation. Proceeds from the sales benefit the specific foundation. To find out
more about the below mentioned organizations please click on the following links.
StandUp for Kids
Learning Links
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation / Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Chapter
Homeless and runaway teenagers face the streets every day without support,
guidance or courage to fight for a better necklace. This jasper necklace, gives
a powerful statementn to StandUp and fight to give these teenage youths
their freedom back. Freedom to be the individuals they are supposed to be.
Life is agift. Join StandUp for Kids and wear a StandUp necklace with courage
and pride and give homelss and runaway children their lives back.

Sales benefit Standup for Kids

Please email to place order:
Jasper (rectangular) 32'' Sterling Silver $85.00
Jasper (pear) 18'' Gold Filled $90.00
Jasper (pear) 32'' Gold Filled $105.00
Pink Amethyst on Sterling Silver

Pink Amethyst on Sterling Silver