Shopping Inspiration will serve to help gift givers give accordingly, help for you to spoil yourself
rotten and for men to be given a unique and easy gift shopping guidelines. Plus, it is a place for me, the
jewelry designer, Jackie Chisholm Rasco, to have a forum of expression,
alas my own soapbox!

So let's start with the most complex of all, MEN and you are looking for a gift for your MOM.

Boys, you're all grown up and find it difficult to express to your Mother your gratitude and love for
having raised you, taught you etiquette, put you through school etc...Right? No, not really, you are really
grateful for having slipped you $20.00 when you were 14 years old to take your little girlfriend to the
movie theatre, having rescued you when your car ran out of gas and for picking up after your crazy
nights (enough said) all without telling your Dad. So, how do you express all of this with one simple gift.
The answer is jewelry. Why? It's timeless. It tells a story. It will be handed down to your children.

Here are some gift ideas and why...

Young Mothers: They are still in their prime and enjoy the social scene. The feel glamourous because
they've lived, loved and learned yet still have the attitude of their youth. They want drama, boldness and
sophistication all wrapped in one. Take a look at cocktail rings that  are large like
Splash! , which mix
gold and sterling  with a large amethyst and necklaces with diamonds like

Older Mothers: Older mothers are into grandchildren, telling stories, cooking up some of their favorite
recipes and sharing. They are into the classics like pearls and diamonds (
A Girl's Best Friend) and
into pieces that represent inspiritational moments (
Faith, Hope and Love).

Ok, boys, now we are headed into a deeper level, buying for girlfriends, fiances and wives...

First let's define girlfriend and to what level you see your commitment. If you are looking for a
non-commital gift yet one that shows your are interested take a look at a birthstone necklace (
Solo), a
fun cocktail ring (
Checkerboard Collection: Smoky Quartz, Pink Amethyst, Citrine) or a fun
beach bracelet (
Corale). If you are genuinenly interested in your girl and see this developing into a
more formal relationship celebrate that with a scripture ring (
Faith, Hope and Love), a gold necklace
Two Hearts Become One) or bangles (Not Your Mother's Aritos or Sterling Aros) representing
the years you have been together or special milestones.

Now, if you are deep into commitment and are looking to t
ake the plunge, bite the bullet, sacrifice your
for LOVE then shop around the engagement ring  (For the Princess or A Girl's Best
Friend) category and call me for a consultation. There are plenty of unique ways to express your
commitment. Diamonds are  classic choice but so are pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. There is
nothing more special than commiting to your girlfriend with a custom designed engagement ring.  The
ring is round, a symbol of eternity, never ending love. It is worn in public as a valid reminder of the
sacifice of giving yourself to someone else. The stone and design are original to represent the couples
unique and undying love for one another.

Ok girls, now it's our turn! We all know our favorite things to do (no matter how shallow it may sound) is
have fun, shop, gossip and have some more fun so here's a guide of what to wear to do all that and

Cocktail Rings: Big is better and is not leaving any time soon. Go for the large, dramatic  bold pieces for
special events, cocktail parties or even to throw it on with jeans and heels. These are all genuine natural
gemstones on gold and/or sterling so go for it, you deserve it. Smoky quartz gemstone is a great basic
because it goes with any and all colors. A starter cocktail ring is
Smoky Gold (in gold or sterling silver).
Pink amethyst represents royalty  and love all good qualities...besides a blush of pink is sexy! Try pink
and helping a charity all in one with
Pink Rock and Pinky Rock. Citrine's are known for their
'healing' powers. You may not heal the sick but you will stand up tall and show others your strength.
Yellow Checkers can do the trick! Blue topaz is a symbol of water, peace and tranquility all the while
the boldness will put you on top of the world!
Blue Eyes is a powerful ring yet reminiscent of the
Bahamian beaches. If you want something a little more subtle go for gemstones with 15 carats or less
Sour Pear or or a nice scripture ring like Faith, Hope and Love.

Necklace: Girls, don't forget your necklace. It enhances any outift and bring attention to you from afar.
Soleil is a real winner. Not only is it visible in a crowded room but the diamonds are a beautiful frame
for the 50 carat citrine. The pink amethyst necklaces (
Me Pink and Pink Jewel) literally lights up ones
face. Some daytime jewelry like
Two Hearts Become One and Love Me are elegant yet casual. If you
are a Mom yourself and want to start spoiling mini-me then
Solo and Petite Solo should be your first
choice! They can be gifted with your favorite gemstone or your birth month.

Cocktail Earrings: Earrings can be a tough decision. At what point do you draw the line and say this is
too much. Natural gemstone studs are a fabulous representation of your style  and personality
Vibrance and Brilliance).

Bracelets: Girls we like to be noticed and make some noise. We can do just that with bangles. They are
classic bangles but with gemstones reprenting birth months, anniversaries or special occassions (
Your Mother's Aritos or Sterling Aros).

Bridal Corner: Brides know what a frenzy the wedding process is. Allow me to help gift your bridesmaids
for being a part of the special time in your life. A Chisholm Collection jewelry piece will be adored for
years to come. Some Ideas....
Love Me, Two Hearts Become One (silver or gold), Me Pink, Corale (in
freshwater pearls or coral),
Pinky Rock. Custom orders are always a beautiful challenge. Please feel
free to contact me at

More Shopping Inspiration...

Birthstones by Month
January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond
May: Emerald
June: Pearls
July: Ruby
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire
October: Opal
November : Topaz
December: Turquoise